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Badaga proverbs ♣♣♣...♥♥♥

Dhoddaru Shloka



Chosen by Wg Cdr JP

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Badaga Blessings

Let us seek the blessings of Elders, 'Doddavakka Harichili'

One of the wonderful and deeply meaning ful customs of Badagas, is the seeking of the blessings of elders. That is, whenever any person meets/visits an elder, he or she seeks the blessings of the elderly person [elderly does not mean aged/old but only elder by age] by bowing the head and requesting "Harachu (bless me)". If any headgear like cap/turban is worn, the same is removed. Also, on social occasions, like when the'earmarked'/ selected devotees proceed towards the Hethay mane or at certain festivals the village elders bless the others who prostrate in front of them. Similarly, when the newly weds seek the blessings - 'adda bubbadhu', these blessings are given, though at times, it is a shorter version that is used
ondhu, ompaththu aagali,
[ondhu - one, ombaththu - nine, aagali - happen]
ondhu, saavira aagali,
[saavira - thousand]

harachchava kodali, sogava kodali,
[haracha - health, soga - happiness, kodali - given]
baNda hechchali, badhukku hechchali,
[banda - cattle, badhakku - wealth/prosperity, hechchali - increase]
bE hechchali, haalu hechchali, haNNu hechchali,
[bay/be - crops, haalu - milk, hannu - fruits)

manE katti, maaru kattili,
[mane - house, katti - build, maaru - marriage]
ondhu manE, saavira manE aagali,
[ondhu - one, mane - house, saavira - thousand]

beNNE bettu aagali, thuppa theppa aagali,
[benne - butter, betta - mountain, thuppa - ghei, theppa - well]
hulla muttilE hoo aagali, kalla muttilE kaai aagali,
[hullu - grass, hoo - flower, kallu - stone, kaai - (unripened) fruit]
honna muttilE sinna aagali,
[honnu - iron, sinna - gold]

bettadhudhu bandhalEyu, beraluga adangali,
[bettadhadhu - (like a big) mountain/lots, beralu - small finger]
attudhadhu bandhalEyu, aangai adangali,
[attudhadhu - (lile a deep) valley, aangai - palm/fist]

Kattidhadhu karEyali, biththidhadhu bEyali,
[Kattidhadhu - tied (cow), karyali - yield (milk)
aanaiya balava kodali, ariyaa siriyaa kodali,
[aanai - elephant, bala - strengh, kodali - given, ariya - a lot, siri - happiness]
budhdhi bevarava kodali,
[budhdhi - intelligence, bevara - wisdom]

uri hOgi, siri barali, siri sippaaththi agali,
[uri -envy, hogi -(be) gone, siri - happiness, sippaththi - plenty]
HOppa edE, bappa edE ellaa, oLLiththE barali,
[Hoppa -going/ travel, ede - place, bappa - coming, ella - all, olliththe - only good things]

nooru thumbi, naadu jaradhu, dheera pooraNa aagi,
[nooru - hundred, thumbi - filled, naadu - nation, jaradu - envious, dheera - wise, poorna - full]
OLLiththa Eththi, Hollava ThaLLi, olagodho ellaava Gedhdhu,
[olliththa - good deeds, eththi - taken, holla - bad, thalli - reject, olaga - world, ellava - complete, gedhdhu - win]

sangatta salippu illaadhe,
[Sngatta - illness, salippu - problems/hinderance]
hoppa dhaari, Bappa Dhaari yo, edinjilu iLLaadhe,
[dhaari - path, edinjilu - blockades]
padippEri mundhuga hesareththi,
[paddippu - education, mundhuga - forward, hesaretthi - name and fame]

kumbE kudi haradha engE, angaalu muLLu muriyaadhE,
[Kumba kudi - pumpkin, haradhu - spread, aangaalu - foot/sole, mullu - thorn]
kO endhu korachchi, bO endhu bokki,
[korachi - calling, bokki - overflow]
ManE thumba makka hutti, gOttu thumba sosE kondu,
[ mane - house, makka - children, hutti - born, gottu - corner, sose - daughters in law]

paava pariya nOdi, olagadha hesaru eththi
[paava - dear, paria - near ones, nodi - look after, olagadha -whole world, hesaru - name and fame, eththi - get]
badhukki baa
[Badhukki - prosperity]

Let prosperity/good deeds increase nine folds,
Let a prosperity increase a thousand times,
Let good health and happiness be bestowed
Let the cattle wealth / livestock (number of buffalows and cows) increase

Let wealth increase
Let the (sown) crops increase

Let the milk (yield) increase
Let the fruits increase

May you build (your own) a house
May you get married
Let one house become a thousand

Let the butter [yield] grow to a mountain,
Let ghei (clarified butter) being made, become large like a well
Let grass turn to flowers and stones to fruits when touched
Let iron turn to gold
Even if trouble comes in huge amount like a mountain, let it be contained in a finger
Even if trouble comes like a deep valley, let it be contained in the palm (fist)

Let the tied cow give milk,
Let whatever is sown ,grow well

Let the strength of Elephant be bestowed (on you)
Let a lot of happiness be given,
May you become intelligent and wise

Let jealousy vanish and happiness prevail
Let happiness increase many fold

Let only good things happen wherever you go and come

Let you live to be a full hundred with lots of wisdom so as to make others wonder(envious)
Take only the good and leave behind the bad
May you win all in this world
without any worries and problems,
Let there be no hindrance on your ways
Let you come up in life with wisdom given by education

Like a pumpkin plant that grows and spreads
Let not thorns stop your steps

Let your name and fame spread wide and far and called by all and overflow
Let your home be filled with children
and let there be many daughters in law

May you look after your dear and near ones
Earn a great name in this world
And live with all prosperity !
ஒந்து, ஒம்பத்து ஆகலி,ஒந்து, சாவிர ஆகலி,
ஹரச்சவ கொடலி, சொகவ கொடலி,
பண்ட ஹெச்சலி, பதுக்கு ஹெச்சலி,
பே ஹெச்சலி, ஹாலு ஹெச்சலி, ஹண்ணு ஹெச்சலி,

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