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Balamagil Thirige Ebbadu (Wake up turning to your right Side)

Sofia Joghee from Singapore writes :

Our general practice to wake up turning right side has been instructed to us since our babyhood I should say. This is meant to be good. I am not sure if all of us know the real purpose and why this is good. So, I would like to share with you.

Body has 3 Major Nadis – Ida, Pingala and Sushumna

As long Ida and Pingala can be in balance, we can distress and be less egoistic when we encounter people at work or home. Also, if balanced, Sushumna will tend to raise our Kundalini energy. Well, effects of Raising kundalini are huge, beyond someone can imagine. So, let’s restrict our discussion to the technique to get this working.

Ida is cooling like the moon. It has to be active when the sun rises, to keep our body cool.
So, in the morning, before we wake up, lie down on our right side for 10 min and wake up with a small prayer to God for positive things to happen for that day. This will help activate our Ida Nadi, and hence we are ready to start our day.

Pingala is heat like the Sun. It has to be active when the sun sets, to keep our body warm.
So, in the evening, just after the sunsets, as the temperature comes down, we can lie on our left side for 10 min and wake up with a small prayer to heal our stress that we had gone through for that day and have a peaceful evening. This will help activate our pingala Nadi, and hence we are ready to keep ourself active even after a stressful day.

There are many other techniques to do this. But laying down on left side and right side will be the easiest for anyone to do.

So, we have been following our ancestors but  never were instructed of its inner meaning.

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