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'High Time' to change with changing times

Kumar [] writes on Time to change with changing times.

The communities which have resisted change have vanished, the best example is our neighbor Todas, the majority of Todas changed to christianity because of laws in community. Forget about the changes happening across world, let us first assess the situation in our community.

Someone has mentioned about the ratio, it is pathetic at present. Every big hatty has atleast 40+ males waiting to get married even though they are well qualified professionally and financially. Anyone in this forum who has someone to get married in his or her house should know well about this. If this continues, its going to affect the society badly, may lead to extramarital affairs and marrying within the seeme(akka-thange).

It is easy for a girl, if she is smart and has chosen a good person, it does not matter which community she is going to live. But think about a guy, he cannot go to his hutty, nor attend his parents funeral, its cruel. The elders have to change their mindset, they have to understand what is happening in our society and across the world. By the time these people die and rules change, lot of boys are gonna lose their lives.

Kotagiri and Mekkunadu are far more better, they have accepted it, but in Thodhanadu its just like khap panchayats in Haryana. When a girl or boy is matured enough to live alone far from his or her place in india or abroad, they will be smart enough to decide their lives also. Even the middle east well known for ultra orthodox has changed, its time for us to change or else it will affect us badly.

Lets not forget, we live once, time and life are precious.

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