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Are we still living in the stone age?

Are we still living in the stone age?
UPDATE ; 28-3-2013 29-3-2013
Usually, I am careful about publishing letters/incidents like the one sent to me by ARUN [given below in the post 'Are we still living in the stone age?']. He never mentioned his hatti and the country he is living in….
…………..Unfortunately, now I am told that there is a BIG TWIST to the story. ……….. I also understand that his deceased mother would not participate in other functions of the hatti and during funerals, she would not take part but lock herself in……
As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am a proud Hindu. And the customs followed by the hattis during the funerals, is based on Hinduism.
In my opinion, it is nice of Arun’s hatti elders to forgive the past mistakes and give a decent burial to his mother AS PER BADAGA RITES though there was considerable delay.
Arun, I know that you live in NZ, and if you want to clarify please do so.
Wg Cdr JP
Dr.S.Mahesh Babu
commented on Update on ‘Are we still living in the stone age?’

Dear JP Sir,

Thanks for the info you have updated. It’s really good of you to have traced the truth and let us know. As you have discussed, let the hatti people of Arun decide this issue.
It will be better to convene some useful meetings amongst us to discuss further on these issues for the betterment of our community. Let us work together.

[The post on 'Are we still living in the stone age?' based on ARUN's letter is withdrawn - Wg Cdr JP]


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