Baarivi, Nodivi, Odhivi & Oridivi ! [Come, See, Read & Listen!] பாரிவி, நோடிவி, ஓதிவி & ஓரிடிவி

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Badaga proverbs ♣♣♣...♥♥♥

Dhoddaru Shloka



Chosen by Wg Cdr JP

☂ ☂☂☂☂☂ ☂

Ari Gowda, a great Indian, a great Badaga !

Rao Bahadur H.B.Ari Gowder

Birth anniversary 4th December
Ari Gowder2 
For more details about Ari Gowda go here or see Wikipedia
Ari Gauda 
[ Ref : Hockings, Paul; Christiane Pilot-Raichoor (1992). A Badaga-English Dictionary. Walter de Gruyter. p. 47. ISBN 311012677X, ISBN 978-3-11-012677-8]
Air Gowder Street in Mambalam, Chennai

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