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Badaga proverbs ♣♣♣...♥♥♥

Dhoddaru Shloka



Chosen by Wg Cdr JP

☂ ☂☂☂☂☂ ☂ foot!

Many prefer to speak in Tamil/English with other Badagas instead of the sweet and sound Badagu/Badaga..see Badaga language.

A supposed to be a 'traditional' wedding...  which was conducted by a non Badaga pandit.... a 'haven-fire place' with the groom and bride chanting 'mantras'  [more of lip 'service' as prompted by the pandit].....

More weddings.... with the traditional 'mandaray- turban' being given a go by by the groom at the time of tying 'taali'...[in traditional Badaga weddings the groom is always with a turban at the time of 'taali kattodhu' and that is why, a marriageable youngster is mocked/teased with the question "Eaguva mandaray kattiray? - when are to going to 'wear' a turban'?]....see Badaga weddings

A funeral..where instead of the mundu -vaisty/dhothi being the dress for the men who do the 'akki eththodhu', there are men in disgusting lungis....see Badaga funeral
Youngsters, both male and female, not being aware of how to seek blessings [going up to elders and asking 'harachu' with a 'bent' head] even at special occasions like weddings....see Badaga Blessings

Most of the Gowdas, let alone the commoners, in many villages, not being 'clear' or sure of 'morai- correct relationship'  for marriages....see Badaga villages

God save those Badagas who are trying to adhere to traditions and save the community from 'external' influence!

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