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Dhoddaru Shloka



Chosen by Wg Cdr JP

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Proud to be a ‘Nilgirian’

Yes, we are proud to be Indians and proud to be Badagas.
Should we be not proud of being “NILGIRIANS” – as we belong to the beautiful blue mountains, the Nature Blessed Naakku Bettas?
The preservation of the eco system and environment of the Nilgiris is as much our duty and responsibility as every Indian’s.
In that respect, hats off to the initiatives and efforts of One Earth Foundation lead by Raminder Chowdhary.
“One Earth Foundation is a non-profit environmental and community service  trust focused on creating and enhancing environmental awareness and positively impacting the lives of indigenous communities through various initiatives.  Supported by several organizations and volunteers, our efforts and initiatives  are largely based in the ecologically & culturally  sensitive Nilgiris Biosphere Reserve where we engage, involve and interact with  village children, tribes & local communities and  special needs groups.

Our work is underpinned by the core guiding principles
  • Conservation of the natural and cultural wealth and heritage of Nilgiris
  • Engage and involve indigenous communities in our efforts
  • Teach, inspire and empower young minds to equip and enable them to be the future custodians of our fragile planet”
More info on this great initiative is available in their beautiful website

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