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Badaga proverbs ♣♣♣...♥♥♥

Dhoddaru Shloka



Chosen by Wg Cdr JP

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Why are we killing our language?

One of the charms and beauty of our language is ‘HA‘ as different from ‘A/AA‘.
It is Hethe(y) and not Athe(y)/Ethe(y).

Like, the correct way to say is :- Hatti [village], Haalu [milk], HaLLa [river] etc. But I am disgusted and disappointed to hear the above words being mentioned as ‘Atti, aalu,aLLa‘.

In one of the latest releases of the ballad Beradha Bellie – ‘Kaakay haadhara- is sung as Kakkay aadhara‘. Disappointing.

By the way, in many words, the meaning completely changes when you substitute HA with AA.

For example, Haalu – milk becomes ANGER[Irritation] when AALU is used.
Harachu – bless, Arachu – Find, Haday – lie down, aday – close

Ignorance may be bliss but not an EXCUSE.

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